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Everything you need to know about LinkedIn for 2018

LinkedIn might not be the first site that comes to your mind when you’re crafting your social media strategy. However, you can’t ignore it’s growth. No longer is it simply a job searching, CV hosting, professional site; now, it’s a powerful platform with more than 500 million users.

In just 6 years, LinkedIn has climbed from 140 million members to over 500 million with 100,000 new articles published weekly. The rise in the platform is a game changer for businesses. Here’s a few of the ways you can use its features your advantage when incorporating LinkedIn into your social media strategy for 2018.

Personal branding

When you’re marketing your business online, you could be one of your key assets. LinkedIn’s platform allows users to create a strong, personal brand for themselves.

Personal branding puts a face at the front of a business. This transforms it from a faceless corporation into a relatable, authentic brand. CEOs, business owners and the like should be using this channel to promote themselves, and in turn, their business.


Have you ever been to a networking event or mixer?¬†You’re in a room full of people you could do business with and spent the time making a connection with people and having valuable conversations? LinkedIn is essentially the digital version of that, happening 24/7 rather than once a month.

LinkedIn is a fantastic place to connect directly with people in a professional capacity. You could:

  • Connect with people in relevant industries
  • Ask questions
  • Comment on other people’s posts
  • Make use of the InMail function to really get to know your connections.

Written content

The launch of LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn’s publishing platform, was the introduction of LinkedIn’s mission to allow users to create organic content.

Pulse began as an app, but is now fully integrated into feeds, meaning articles you publish on LinkedIn Pulse will be visible to your connections while they are digesting their updates.

The content publishing feature allows you to publish blog articles and news, much like you would on your website, but this time, it’s got your face and name associated with it. This gives you a huge opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader in your field, unlike website blog posts which generally appear anonymous.

LinkedIn Video

2017 saw the introduction of native video publishing on LinkedIn. We already know that video marketing is huge on social media, and that’s going to continue into 2018.

Videos are already helping users stand out in text heavy feeds. They are receiving huge engagement in comparison to those standard text updates. Not only can you use these videos to market your business, you can also use them to give something a bit extra to your profile page. Native video can also be added to your publisher posts.

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