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9 ways to get more Instagram followers

Instagram is fast becoming the king of the social media platforms. With over 500 million people using it on a daily basis, businesses would be crazy to rule it out of their social media marketing plans. Unfortunately, it can be pretty difficult to build up a decent following quickly. To give you a helping hand, here are 21 ways to get more Instagram followers!

1. Get your Instagram profile up to scratch

Your profile is key in grabbing and keeping people’s attention. Your name, profile picture and bio need to be on point and reflective of your business or blog. It should be professional and on brand from the get go – whether you have 4 Instagram followers, or 40,000.

The username you choose should reflect your business, to make it easy for people to find you, and your profile picture should be small but striking.

Your bio is where you can start making an impact. Make it short and snappy, but give users an instant idea of who you are and what you do. Remember, people aren’t going to sit and read through reams of text about the history of your business – what’s going to catch their attention?

You should also make sure you’re definitely using a business profile, not a personal one, and make sure your website address and contact information is all added in this area. Your bio is the one place you can have a clickable link, so make it a good one.

2. Research and use the right hashtags

Without hashtags, your Instagram activity is likely to fall by the wayside. Only big hitters can get away with not using them, so until your engagement is certain, always use hashtags.

You should make sure you include the hashtags in the caption (not a comment!) to try and reduce your risk of getting shadow banned.

Don’t just use the same hashtags over and over. Think about what that post is about, what is relevant to it and who it is appropriate for. Then research the most engaging hashtags in those areas! You could even create your own hashtags.

Following hashtags is a great way to track the most popular ones and see how well they could perform

3. Think about what’s trending

Is there a popular subject or trend on Instagram at the moment that you could take advantage of?

Make sure you check the popular and trending posts every day to see if there are any themes that you could start incorporating into your content. Or do some consumer research. Sources say that photographs with faces get great engagement and the colour blue is pretty popular too!

4. Post consistently

This is by far one of the most important tips for gaining more Instagram followers. Posting regularly will help increase your visibility and finding the best time to post will also give you a fighting chance.

Test out different posting times and see which times get the most engagement. You might notice variations on different days, but keep at it and find your balance. You’ll need to try this out regularly, because peoples browsing habits change.

You should try to post twice a day at least, and that should be EVERY DAY. If you start missing days, posts and leaving big gaps, your visibility will drop hugely. Get your content in front of users by keeping it fresh.

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5. Location, location, location!

Make use of geotagging to find users who are local to you. This is particularly important for people running a local business or who want to target people in a specific area. When you’re uploading your picture, just hit ‘Add location’ and away you go.

Your post will now show up on the Instagram page for that particular location – try it out!

It’s also a good idea to check in on some of your locations regularly, ad interact with the posts and users who are also posting content there.

7. Instagram Stories

300 million users used Instagram Stories last November. Do you need another reason to use them? I didn’t think so.

You can use hashtags and location in stories and it gives you a fantastic opportunity to tell more of a story in your content. They are also available for everyone to view, not just your Instagram followers.

8. Run a competition

Like and follow or comment on a post competitions are an easy way to get people to interact with your content, so if you’re ever in doubt, run a contest!

You should be prepared that a lot of Intagram followers you may gain from a competition won’t be totally engaged with you, so you’re going to need to do something special to keep their attention and keep them following once your competition ends.

9. Interact with other people

Don’t just throw content out and hope for the best. Immerse yourself in the Instagram community. Check out the top posts on various hashtags every day and leave some nice, meaningful comments. Search for users interested in your niche and interact with their content.

Reciprocate to engagement as well! Is someone leaving nice comments on your posts, make sure you reply and return the favour. It doesn’t take too long to do and emphasise the personality behind the brand.

Following users is also a great way to increase your own Instagram followers. Find relevant people who are in your target audience and let them know you are there by following them first!

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