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5 awesome ways to promote your blog content on social media

If you’ve worked hard at creating a blog post then you don’t want it to sit there and go stagnant, you want people to read it! Nowadays, it’s not always as simple as pasting the link into a tweet and watching the web traffic rise. So how are you going to promote your blog content?

We already know that organic reach of social posts is declining. I mean, just take a look at this Facebook organic reach data:

Facebook organic reach data

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So how will we get people to read our blogs without paying for it?

Here are 5 awesome ways to promote your blog content on social media:

Instagram Stories

Ever thought about using Instagram Stories to promote your blog content? I can hear you saying no already. While I know it can be tricky to link directly using and Insta Story unless you have 10k followers, you can still use the platform to promote.

With 500 million daily active users, it’s something you should definitely consider. If you’re not able to use the link in story function, you can update the link in your bio and point people there. If the story intrigues them enough, they’ll venture over to click.

Or, keep the link in your bio as your main blog page, but make sure your latest post is easy to find when they jump over.

Live video

Live video is a cracking way to get people involved in your social media content. We’ve known for ages that it’s a fantastic way to boost organic reach on Facebook. It’s also available on Instagram. That being said, it’s also still massively underused!

We already know that users comment on Facebook Live videos at 10 times the rate of standard content. So if we know it’s an awesome tool, how can you use it to promote your blog content?

Why not go live to tell your followers that you’ve just published a new post and highlight the key points? Or maybe, you could give people a little additional insight into your thoughts behind the content?

Give people something unique on the other channels that gives them a little taster of what to expect with your blog post and encourage them to go over and read it!

Static video

Although we know that live video is AWESOME, the number one reason a lot of bloggers and businesses don’t use it is FEAR. People are just a little bit scared to jump on camera live in case they mess up or look stupid, and they can’t edit it because it’s already out there. If you lack the confidence to use live video to promote your blog content, or just on social media in general, then start yourself off with some static videos that you pre-record, edit and post.

Video still can get great organic reach, so even if you’re not quite ready to jump into live broadcasts, static video could be a nice way to bridge the gap until you’re ready.

You don’t even have to be on camera initially. Slideshow videos created with images and text can also have great impact.

Cross platform posting

While it’s true that organic reach of standard posts is on the decline, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote your blog content this way. Make sure you post on all the channels you are active on to let people know it’s there. Even if it is just a few of them. If you’ve written something compelling, you might earn yourself a retweet or comments that help increase your reach.

Try posting multiple times (with a few other posts in between to avoid spamming!) over a period of time to try and catch people who didn’t see it the first time you posted.

Tag people

When you’re posting the content, try and find some people who you have engaged with before on a similar topic and tag them. Or perhaps find people who have been asking questions that your blog post solves and give them a tag.

You need to be careful with this method, as people don’t want to constantly be tagged in content, and they may start to see you as spam. Don’t overdo it by tagging loads of people who will find it irrelevant. Find the right people, and the right balance and you open up the opportunity to encouraging people to engage.

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