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4 content marketing strategies to try in 2018

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. The content you create can be vital to positioning your brand. The more valuable it is to the consumer, the longer you will be able to hold attention. Strategies to use content in successful marketing have trends as much as any other marketing activity. Here are 5 content marketing strategies you should try in 2018.

New content formats

Over recent years we have seen content shift from blogs, ebooks and print to more varied media. The popularity of video content soared in 2017.

In 2018, this interest in video content will continue, including live streaming. If they aren’t already, you should consider adding these elements into your content marketing strategy.

We will also see the popularity of audio content increase rapidly. Podcasts have been on the rise and show no signs of slowing down. The rapid consumer acceptance of interactive voice content such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home are also providing interesting ways for marketers to utilise audio content marketing.

Overall, content marketing should tell a story to the consumers. Video, audio and other forms of interactive content, such as chatbots are giving us some interesting and creative ways to reach audiences.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the collaboration between a brand and an influential voice (perhaps a celebrity, blogger or thought leader within a certain industry). In 2017, influencer marketing grew further out of reach for smaller businesses and bloggers. Influencers raised their prices, which made it nearly impossible for anyone other than big brands to work with them.

Some influencers made it difficult for brands to collaborate. Businesses seemed confused on how to work with them. There have been many blogger/brand disputes, during 2017 & 2018, about how the relationship should work. This has deterred some smaller businesses from making that step.

Successful influencer marketing is not necessarily all about finding the person with the biggest following and paying them a huge lump of cash to promote your product or service. Successful influencer marketing is a relationship-based. It should have mutual benefit for both parties.

Micro influencers could be about to jump in front and centre. They are unlikely to come with high price tags, which makes them a more attractive prospect for businesses with lower budgets. Although they come with a lower overall following, the engagement they receive shows they have the attention of their followers. Choosing your influencer(s) should be a very thorough process. You are looking for people who have the attention of people in your ideal audience, rather than the largest following overall.

Another benefit of micro influencers, is that they are often part of communities with other micro influencers. Focusing on creating partnerships with the communities, rather than individual one-off collaborations will prove a much more effective strategy.

Long form content

Consumers are constantly using the internet to find more detailed and concise information. No longer are they put off by lengthy blog articles or long videos IF it provides them with what they are looking for. Even Twitter has been pushed to extend it’s character limit to allow people to say more.

This presents an opportunity for marketers and bloggers to retain their attention for longer, by providing long form content. Short form content does not need to be eradicated from your content marketing plan, but long form content should definitely be added.

Orbitmedia’s blogging survey showed bloggers are spending more time creating this longer content and in return they are seeing much better results.

Quality over quantity

Following on from the last point, the quality of the content you are creating is becoming much more important than the quantity. Previously, we’ve been told that we need to publish blog articles daily, but this becomes much more of a challenge if we are also trying to transition into longer form content as it is much more time consuming.

If it is more time consuming for the publisher, it’s also more challenging for the reader to consume as much content as they did before. Therefore the quality of what we are publishing is key to attracting, and keeping their attention.

If we can attract their attention with the long form content, we have more chance of keeping it. When looking at your content marketing, look for opportunities to create more valuable content.

Consistency does not need to suffer with this shift. Even though you are not publishing every day, maintaining a consistent content schedule will still be important to appease consumers.


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