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3 ways Instagram’s follow hashtags feature can boost your business

Hold the phone! Instagram has just launched an awesome new feature enabling users to follow hashtags! This should be a welcome announcement for brands and business owners as it gives you another way to get your content in front of the right followers.

The algorithm changes on Instagram made it more difficult for your posts to show up in users news feeds. Instead of chronological timelines (as it used to be), users are now seeing content according to its popularity and engagement. This can be a hindrance to businesses who haven’t yet mastered getting masses of likes and comments on each post.

With the new option for users to follow hashtags, you’ve now got more ways to get in front of people and increase your organic reach!

How do you follow a hashtag?

Good question, and the answer is; very easily! It’s no different to following another user!

All you need to do is either search the hashtag and click on it from the search results, and you’ll be taken to the hashtags page where you can see top posts, recent posts, access their story and click follow.


How can Instagram’s follow hashtags feature boost your business?

Give people another way to see your content

Creating your own hashtag and encouraging users to follow it gives them another way to see your post in their newsfeed.

Before you create your own hashtag, you should check that it’s not already being used for something and it should be unique to your business.

Once you start using this hashtag, it will be filled with your own content, just like your profile, but gives people an additional way to follow what you’re up to!

Find engaged people interested in your industry

We know this is already the point of using hashtags, but the following hashtag feature allows more engaged users to find you.

If people are following a hashtag, they have an invested interest in it. If you can provide them with valuable content, they will engage with it.

Avoid overly populated hashtags or hashtags that are filled with irrelevant content. People will become disengaged from following these in the future

Get inspired!

By following relevant hashtags yourself, you open yourself up to streams of content that can inspire what you post. You can instantly see, in your own feed, what content is popular with users and let it inspire you to create your own content.

It also allows you another way to watch what your competitors are posting.

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